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ROTS 2017-2018:celebrates multilingualism

The International project "Reaching Out Through Skype", developed by Litouws Cultureel Centrum continues in 2017, 2018. The multidisciplinary project takes place in the frame of the European Day of Languages and will in 2017-2018 unite the six schools from different European countries: Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania and The Netherlands. Participating schools are: Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium (Budapest), Liceo Cassico e Linguistico Statale Aristofane (Rome), Colégio de S. Gonçalo, (Amarante), Osnovna Škola Brezovica (Zagreb), Naujamies?io main school (Jurbarkas), RSG Slingerbos |Levant (Harderwijk). *** Respectively: *** The project has started with the Partner-meeting, with the representatives of the above-mentioned schools. The teachers exchange their thoughts about the ways the project will be implemented in their schools and agreed about the schedules of a number of Skype presentations to come. At least six bilateral Skype sessions will take place in the second week of October. After that the pupils will be invited to submit their photographs searching for a design object in everyday life in Europe. The pictures will be uploaded on and will form the basis for the International photo exhibition. Reaching Out Through Skype 2017 - European Day of Languages project - continues spreading the wings in co-operation with the Representation of the European Commission in The Netherlands, and in particular with its Language Officer, Hugo Keizer. Will be updated… *** By LCC

in the photo (from left to right around the table)
Rosário Barros (Portugal), Anita Klein (Hungary), Gabrielle Manna (Italy), Enrico Bassan (Italy), Saule Gaizauskaite (NL/LT) Rūta Šukevičiene (Lithuania), Irene Keizer (The Netherlands), Ljerka Miletič (Croatia) 

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